The normal procedure when a person passes away, is to contact a Funeral Director, who will assist you with the necessary funeral arrangements.

An application for a Burial Permit is made to Council, usually by the Funeral Director and if a cemetery plot has been reserved, proof is required - in a form of receipt or Right of Burial.  This is then checked against Council's records.

In the case where a plot has not been reserved it will be necessary to select a plot and pay for it in full.  A Right of Burial is issued and the burial may take place as arranged by the Funeral Director.  Council liaises with the Funeral Director for each burial that takes place.

Some people may choose to select and reserve a plot in the cemetery to avoid any more added grief for the family or to be close to a deceased family member/s.  This may be carried out by the reservation of a single/double plot or be obtaining a family plot, enabling up to 16 interments.

Anyone wishing to reserve a plot must contact Council's Health & Development Secretary and select a plot after viewing Council's plans.

An application for reservation of the plot is submitted together with payment of the plot.  In regards to the Warren Lawn Cemetery the applicant can sign an arrangement to pay off this fee, over a specified period, when the plot has been paid for in full, a Right of Burial is issued or a letter is issued regarding the plot.

Council also offers a service whereby the family/families of the deceased can approach Council to arrange the making of a plaque/s and then organise the plaque to be erected on the headstone of the grave. 

For information on reservations, burials and anything else regarding the Cemeteries please contact Council's Health & Development Services Department on 02 6847 6600 during normal business hours or on email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Warren Shire Council is responsible for the following cemeteries: