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The Planning Process

From January 2014 Development Applications, Construction Certificates and Sec 68 applications requiring Councils approval will no longer be accepted and registered unless the application has been first subjected to a pre lodgment meeting with Councils Development staff.

Appointments are to be prearranged giving a minimum of two days notice and can be made by phoning Councils Health and Development section on 02 6847 6600.

On attendance of the arranged meeting the attached application must be completed and signed by the owners.

Plans and specifications relevant to a building proposal necessitates the preparation of a site plan, floor plan, all elevations and sectional elevation giving details of construction that addresses the footing and wind speed classification.

Development applications concerning non building proposals will be discussed at the meeting.

Photocopied signatures or Documents irrelevant to the specific project in support of the application cannot be accepted as Council is bound by Copy Right provisions. All documents including Generic information must be specific to the application. In general, the required plans and any specifications are to be professionally prepared to a standard that addresses the minimum requirements of Schedule 1 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulations 2000.

If necessary, examples of the required plans can be provided at the pre-lodgment meeting.

Fees will be assessed at lodgment and must be paid prior to the application being registered.

By addressing the prerequisites prior to the pre-lodgment meeting the processing times for applications can be expedited and unnecessary delays avoided.

Council appreciates your co-operation in helping to improve processing times.

For information on the NSW planning system visit the NSW Department of Planning's website www.planning.nsw.gov.au

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