Level 3 Water Restrictions

18 March 2019

Level 3 Water Restrictions 671 KB

Council has had discussions with the State water agencies to review the long-term outlook for water in the Macquarie River Catchment and storage at Burrendong Dam.The advice at this time indicates that the Macquarie River flows will continue to decrease. Councils along the Macquarie River are moving to introduce Level 3 Water Restrictions, to help to reduce water usage. Warren Shire Council is also subject to similar restrictions and watering of parks, gardens, levy banks and playing fields will be reduced in line with the restrictions.

Council wants to transition to modified Level 3 Water Restrictions over the period of 19th March to the 31st May 2019. This will allow residents to become used to the restrictions and to arrange for alternative methods of lawn and garden watering. Full Level 3 Water Restrictions will commence from 1st June 2019.

As can be seen from the attached document, modified Level 3 Restrictions have quite a comprehensive list of restrictions, Council will be monitoring the compliance with these restrictions to help reduce the water usage.

Council asks that residents use the odds and evens system. This means that if the street number of your property is odd you can water in accordance with the restrictions on odd days. If your property has an even number, you can water in accordance with the restrictions on even days.

I would like to request your assistance and support in transitioning to modified Level 3 Water Restrictions. On the last occasion water restrictions were necessary, in late 2006 I believe, it only took a couple of months for sufficient inflows to occur to allow the lifting of restrictions.

Let’s hope that significant widespread rain occurs, and the same thing happens this time.


Milton Quigley


13th March 2019


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