Local Environmental Plan

A Local Environmental Plan (LEP) is a legal instrument which outlines the planning controls for a local government area in NSW. An LEP splits land into categories known as ‘zones’ which permit certain uses and not others. Examples of the types of zones used are IN1 (General Industrial) where industries are encouraged and dwellings are limited and R1 (General Residential) where conversely, dwellings are encouraged and industries are limited.

The Warren Shire Local Environmental Plan was gazetted by the Minister in 2012.

The specific aims of the Warren LEP are as follows:

  1. To realise the economic potential of rural land in Warren by following the principles of sustainable natural resource management,
  2. To encourage the proper management, development and conservation of natural and man-made resources in Warren by protecting, enhancing and conserving:
    1. Agricultural land, and
    2. Timber, minerals, soil, water and other natural resources, and
    3. The Macquarie Marshes Nature Reserve, and
    4. Areas of significance for nature conservation, and
    5. Areas of high scenic or recreational value, and
    6. Places and buildings of archaeological or heritage significance, including relics and Aboriginal places of heritage significance,
  3. To ensure that development is permitted on land with due regard to environmental constraints, accessibility and existing land use patterns,
  4. To allow for the equitable provision of social services and facilities for the community,
  5. To minimise land use conflicts and adverse environmental impacts,
  6. To promote ecologically sustainable development.

Warren’s Local Environmental Plan can be found on the NSW Legislation Website.

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