Impounded and Stray Animals

Warren Shire Council operates an impounding service that may hold and collect stray animals.

The collection service operates from 8.30am - 5.00pm, Monday to Friday. On call services are available by contacting Council’s Ranger on 02 6847 6600.

Stray animals can also be reported to Council's Health and Development Services on the contact details below.

Animals are held for the following legislative periods, before being destroyed or sold:

  • Registered dogs/cats - 14 days
  • Unregistered dogs/cats - 7 days
  • Livestock - 7 days then held at the discretion of Council

A person who impounds or captures a dog under the act must contact Council on the contact details below and organise for the Impounding Officer to collect the dog. Any person who seizes a dog and does not notify Council is guilty of failure to take a seized dog to the owner or Council pound. Failure to comply warrants a fine of $550.00.

If you find a dog it is your responsibility to notify Council and attempt to locate the owner of the dog.

Should you find livestock roaming free or in a dangerous place please contact Council's Ranger on the below contact details to help you assess the situation. For enquiries regarding lost stock, please contact the Rural Lands Protection Board on 02 6832 1008 during work hours.