Water and Sewer


Potable water supply to Warren and Nevertire & Non-Potable supply to Collie.

Two potable water supply schemes are in operation within Warren Shire, one each at Warren and Nevertire. These systems supply drinking water in accordance with the NSW Public Health Act of 2010 and the subsequent 2012 Regulations and delivered to the microbiological standards set within The Current Australian Drinking Water Quality Guidelines.

The Collie system is non-potable but is chlorinated to improve the aesthetic characteristics of the source water.


The sewer is reticulated through a total of 17.1 kms of reticulated mains and 2.4 kms of rising mains for the two schemes and then treated to a quality that adheres to Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997. Warren sewerage is treated through a trickling filter then to evaporation ponds, while Nevertire sewerage is treated through oxidisation ponds.


Water Restrictions

Residents please do not forget that water restrictions, although relaxed, are still in place.

Watering of lawns and gardens is permitted between the hours of 7am to 10am each day for all house numbers. The watering times reflect the changes in daylight hours. Council will still monitor households not adhering to these times.

Council may have to reinstate water restrictions and the Odds and Evens System if river water is not available.

To check out how much water you are using in the home go to - https://www.warren.nsw.gov.au/councilmedia-releasesdetail/smart-watermark-water-calculator?fbclid=IwAR1OFMvyA6AC0qgRzlgZLtcKp87jriibq5RV2xsQc8Cv1DSTXaH5uDs8e8s