Water Charges

A water availability charge applies to all properties (including vacant land) within 225m of a Council water main, and is included in your yearly rates. Water consumption is calculated and billed quarterly.

  Reading Times Due Date
1st Quarter September (July – Aug – Sept) 30 November
2nd Quarter December (Oct – Nov – Dec) 28 February
3rd Quarter March (Jan – Feb – Mar) 31 May
4th Quarter June (Apr – May – Jun) 31 August

How to Calculate Your Account

If you wish to calculate the cost of water, multiply the number of kilolitres used on your meter by amount per kilolitre as listed below:

Warren Bore Water (Potable)

  • First Step up to 450kL per annum $1.26/kL
  • Second Step over 450kL $1.91/kL

Warren River Water (Non Potable)

  • First Step up to 450kL per annum $0.46/kL
  • Second Step over 450kL $0.81/kL

Nevertire Bore Water (Potable)

  • First Step up to 450kL per annum $0.72/kL
  • Second Step over 450kL $1.06/kL

Collie Bore Water (Non Potable)

  • First Step up to 400kL per annum$1.55/kL
  • Second Step over 400kL$2.36/kL

How can I minimise my water bill?

Here are just a few ways to help you minimise your water bill:

  • Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth
  • Run full loads through your washing machine & dishwasher
  • Fix leaking taps and toilets
  • Take shorter showers

You can use the Smart Watermark Water Calculator to help you identify how you are using water inside the home and also how you can reduce usage.

General Sewer Charges

A sewerage service charge applies to all properties within 75m of a Council sewer, and is included in your yearly rates. An unconnected charge is applicable to any properties classified as vacant land.

Residential properties are not charged any excess for sewer usage.

Business Water & Sewer Charges

Accounts for non-residential properties will be distributed each quarter, based on actual water usage and wastewater discharged to Council's sewer system.

A sewer discharge factor (SDF) is applied to all non-residential properties that are connected to Council's sewer system. The SDF is the estimated percentage of bore water consumed by a property that is returned to the sewer system. SDF’s for non‐residential properties are determined by the type of activity undertaken on the property and are set for each property in accordance with NSW Department of Water and Energy, Liquid Trade Waste Regulation Guidelines April 2009. Council may review the SDF for non‐residential properties for non‐standard activities.

If you look at your water notice, you will see a line similar to this:

Non Res. Sewer:-          CkL x $UC/kL x SDF (Sewerage Discharge Factor)


  • C = Bore Water Consumption
  • UC = Sewer Usage Charge
  • SDF = Sewerage Discharge Factor
This calculation is then added to your water consumption charges to give your total amount due for the quarter.